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We are the creator of ACX Funnel©, an innovative sales & marketing framework for businesses and individuals.


What is ACX Funnel©?

As experienced software engineers and marketing experts, we're well aware of the massive growth of digital marketing which has been making business easier than ever. With ACX Funnel©, we aim at building not only email marketing but all-in-one digital marketing framework that includes everything one needs for promoting his or her business ranging from digital assets to physical products.

With true software expertise as well as the business sense in mind, we are working hard every single day to improve our solution.

Our team

Software engineering is really tough. And it is extremely hard to transform one's great ideas into software products. There is a gap between the business ideas and the development team. It is very often that great ideas come to and end at the engineering phase. It is not the ideas that are too unrealistic, it is software engineering team that do not have adequate skills and dedication to make it.

We are true experts in software engineering who have been making true software products. It is not about making a mess of code that just works, we are fascinated by making perfect software from the high level architecture to the actual code snippets. We embrace design principles, follow beautiful design patterns to make software a true piece of art which is open to evolving and scaling. We believe software engineering staff is the final KEY to business success.

Getting involved

Interested in our project? Shoot me a message at nghi@b-teka.com to learn more.

A quick tour of ACX Funnel©

ACX Funnel© is new, it has been around for only 2 years, and has been a great success. Many people are working on it every day, many businesses have choosen ACX Funnel© as their SAAS framework. See the video below for a quick overview of ACX Funnel©

What people say about us

We are proud to see ACX Funnel© growing, pleasing our clients and contributing to our clients' success. Our next goal is to transform ACX Funnel© to the the next generation of an all-in-one marketing framework.

  • @I don't bother reviewing things online but this script is one of the best I ever used. I used to be an Interspire fan but ACX Funnel© is more flexible and so super user-friendly. I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation or doubt.

    Tania Leyva CEO & Founder of SendPal Solution

  • @Amazing Product, Really liking the UI/UX, Looking forward to more features & amazing analytics. MailChimp killa right here! Brilliant application, ACX Funnel© + SES is a winner!

    Encik Shah Founder of KrazyKlicks.com

  • Great program and great alternative to the expensive options out here, save us a lot of money. The best solution I have ever had in marketing. Very excited to see this program continue to grow with features.

    Andrea S. Senior Sale Executive

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More about us

Founded in 2018, we've been making unique approaches to business upkeep and strategic implementation of new ideas; trending, innovative and otherwise through consultation.

Our vision

Our vision is to inspire by making inspiring things. We push for innovative solutions with innovative ideas. That is exactly the ways we've been evolving and producing our solutions to our customers.


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